A summer contest

As seen at Lolita’s and Heather’s, I’m joining in the contest that Ali at Skeins Her Way is sponsoring for this summer. Don’t forget to mention in your blog how did you knew about this contest if you decide to join in 🙂


As multitasking knitter, my main goal will be to finish something!!
But let’s be honest, once i made up my mind Sockapalooza came across. So ok, just this tiny pair of socks, and then….

  • To finish Maude, promised to my mother in law for her 60’s birthday.
  • To finish, at last, Durrow, wich i started last spring, and it is 100% wool. Perhaps L could wear it in winter.
  • To decide wich pattern will suit my mum best for a schawl knitted in this gorgeous mercerized blue cotton, a gift form Désirèe.
  • And….to finish my Pomatomus 🙂

Isn´t it good that we have such long summers in this end of the world?

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